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Grandview Pines Baptist Church is a growing body of Bible believers who have one goal, to bring honor and glory to the Lord through faithful and loving service. This goal motivates us to have a heart for people. With this Biblical perspective, we desire to see people, both here and abroad, come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and allow the truths of God’s Word to change their heart and life.

Please take a moment to find out a little more about us.

Our Pastor is a young preacher with old fashioned values and convictions without compromise. You will find his messages to be practical and Bible-based. He is not only a preacher of the Word of God, but also an able counselor, and he is ready and willing to assist you as needed.

Before the Lord led him to GPBC, Pastor Jared Decker worked in children’s ministries for over twelve years. He was the Children’s Pastor and Youth Director at Grace Independent Baptist Church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, as well as being the Principal of Grace Baptist Academy. God used this background to prepare Pastor Decker and his family for the Lord’s calling to Grandview Pines Baptist Church in January of 2007. He and his family are excited about what the Lord is doing with His Word and His people here at GPBC.

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The Preaching at GPBC

At GPBC you will find the preaching to be sound in doctrine, because everything that is preached is backed by Scripture. Our Pastor firmly believes that if you’re going to preach something, you better have clear Bible to base it on. No spring-board sermons, cookie-cutter messages, or people-pointed preaching will be found at GPBC. Though you’ll not find an ounce of compromise, our Pastor believes in the Scriptural principal of “preaching the truth inlove…” so that all those who listen will be able to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

The Bible at GPBC

We believe in, read through, and preach out of the King James Bible. We believe that the KJB is God’s preserved word for English speaking people and that their is no substitute for the real thing. However, we do not believe that God inspired the English translation of Scripture (KJB) to an equal or greater extent than the Originals. We do believe that He preserved every word, not just the thoughts, (Psalm 12:6-7) in the translation from the Originals to the Authorized King James Version.

The Music at GPBC

GPBC is a place where the music is focused on God’s glory, not the glory of the “performer”.  We believe that God is displeased and disgusted when people take the musical style, rhythm, and beat that the world uses to worship the flesh and apply that musical style in their worship of Him. The music at Grandview Pines Baptist Church is traditional, not contemporary. We sing the Scriptural, truth-filled hymns of the faith, as well as newer songs written in a similar style and with the same message.

The People at GPBC

GPBC is made up of a racially, socially, and generationally diverse body of believers who love the Lord. We believe that God’s purpose for everyone of His children is for them to find an area of service within the body and serve Him faithfully. At GPBC you’ll find a group of people who are friendly and love to fellowship with one another on a regular basis. We believe that, to be a strong body, you have to be a close body. You’ll also find that we are always ready and willing to add a new family member to the relationship. Since 2007, our church family has grown from 12 to around 70 every Sunday. God is blessing. We invite you to come join our family in serving the Lord and being a part.