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Sermon Title Speaker Date Recorded Stream

Presenting the Gospel: Part I

Pastor Jared Decker 3/09/11
Wednesday PM

Presenting the Gospel: Part II

Pastor Jared Decker 3/10/11
Thursday PM

Presenting the Gospel: Part III

Pastor Jared Decker 3/11/11
Friday PM

How to Overcome Obstacles

Pastor Jared Decker 02/25/09
Wednesday PM


Pastor Decker has written this guide to assist soulwinners in their efforts. It will teach you the basic practice of soul-winning, assist you with answering questions that may be asked, and help to dispel the false doctrines that you will encounter.  This guide is by no means all that there is to know about being an effective witness for Christ, but it is meant to be a resource of learning and help to get started and comfortable with sharing the Gospel. Soul-winning is a challenge, but it is also rewarding.  Always bear in mind that we are entrusted with sowing the seed, but God is entrusted with bearing the fruit.

*This guide is free for personal and ministry use. We believe in helping God’s people, not making a profit. We do ask that you honour our Pastor’s hard work by not removing his name as the author.