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By Pastor Jared Decker



In this present day, the false theory of evolution has been very effectively and skillfully woven into the fabric of our society by the minions of Satan (modern-day secular scientists and archaeologists). They have concealed evidence, forged fossils, fashioned masterful counterfeits, besmirched Bible-believers, and tampered with factual evidence to cause it to appear shifty. These pawns of Satan have indoctrinated the last three generations of our country and the world. But what are some of the specific devastating effects that this Luciferian theory has had on our society? Well, there are many more to list than we could record in one paper, but we could group them into three main categories, which we will now discuss.


The Disbelief of the God of the Bible

This effect is the one on which all others hang. If one believes in the Word of God and the God of the Word, evolution is an absurdity conjured up by the god of this world in the mind of a blinded sinner. (Isaiah 45:12) Therefore, evolution seeks to attack and destroy God and His Word in the minds of every human being in existence. Evolution denounces the truths contained in the very first words of Scripture, “In the beginning God created…” In the hearts and minds of unsuspecting men, they reason that if the beginning of “God’s Word” is a lie, then all of it must be. This type of faulty reasoning is what led to the expulsion of God’s Word from the public school system in the 1960’s. Once God’s Word was thrown aside, “free” lifestyle became the cry of that generation who ushered in the shameless hippy movement of the 1970’s. The disregard of Biblical truths and morals has only heightened as the years have gone by. In our present society, there is little knowledge or concern for God and His Word. Children grow up without ever once entering the doors of a church, any kind of church. Our country is filled with an absolute depravity of morals and conviction. The majority of those in “evangelical” churches, who say they believe in God, don’t believe that we have the “Word of God” today. Evolution has not only effected the lost world against the Scriptures, but also the “saved”. If those who believe in God don’t believe the Word of God, what hope does the next generation have?


The Disregard of the Sanctity of Life

Evolution teaches that humanity evolved millions of years ago from some sort of primordial “soup”. No one regards the rights or sanctity of “soup”. Is it any wonder then that we no longer have any regard for human life. Children murder their parents and feel no remorse. Parents murder their children with the same lack of love. People injure and kill over things as trivial as their pets. In 2001, over 30,000 people committed suicide in the United States. Approximately 1.5 million babies are aborted (murdered) in America every year, and mothers are given the consolation that, through evolutionary dogma, “It’s your body…and besides, it’s only tissue.” How could a once great society become so perverse? Satan has effectively used the destructive theory of evolution to degrade the moral absolutes of our country. Since the belief is that man is nothing more than a higher form of animal life, one may dispose of a human as they would an animal. Animals have no soul and no eternal existence. Satan has molded men’s minds, through the indoctrination of evolution, to believe that there is nothing once this life is past. If one passes into nothingness, then why would it matter what they do or how they die? This faulty reasoning totally excludes the fact that all men will stand before God and will exist eternally in heaven or hell. (Revelation 20:11-15) Because men have denied the Word of God, they deny the very reason for existence, to please God. (Revelation 4:11) For this cause, men disregard the sanctity of life and have missed meaning of life.


The Dispersion of the Morality of Humanity

Since men have been blinded by Satan and have overlooked God’s purpose for life, they are constantly searching to fill their life with “meaning”. Satan is always ready and willing to supply a superb counterfeit. Through the teaching of evolution, man has been taught that he is basically nothing more than an animal; therefore, it is not surprising, to one who believes God’s Word, that man’s moral standing is on a constant and rapid decline. (Romans 1:20-32) In the year 2003, there were over 770,000 women raped in the United States alone. Fifty percent of those were girls under 12 years of age. How sick our society has become. The pregnancy rate of girls between the ages of 13 and 17 has sky rocketed; however, the birth rate of those unwed mothers has not increased to the same extent. This is due to the fact that we no longer value human life, and many of these young ladies are coerced into having abortions. College campuses have become nothing more than X-rated apartment complexes. The best way to get ahead in business has become sleeping with the supervisor. Divorce is at over 25% among the world and 27% among the “saved”, with adultery being the leading cause. Pornography has become the leading money maker in the United States, over alcohol and cigarettes combined! Homosexuality has swept the nation, and gay-rights has become the next trend in the “social revolution”. An astounding percentage of teenagers either are homosexual or have tested it out with a friend. How could our country become so debauched? The simple answer, if there is anything simple about it, is that when you remove the Word of God and its teachings, man is capable of doing any abomination Satan promotes. (Matthew 12:29) Evolution has ushered in a philosophical fallacy that there are no absolutes, because there is no God; therefore, anything goes. The Ten Commandments have been attacked because they are moral laws given by God. Respect to authority, any authority, has been so diminished on our society that it is virtually non-existent in the generation of children being “raised” today. When a person loses respect for themselves, since he’s nothing more than an animal, he loses respect for everyone and everything, including God. Evolution has completely affected our society negatively and convinced the majority of our nation that God does not exist or that His Word cannot be trusted. Because of this, the moral laws and convictions of God’s Word are placed aside and every man does that which is right in his own eyes. (Judges 17:6) Such is the effect of the dangerous and destructive teaching of Evolution. It is a tool that Satan has learned to use efficiently to destroy man’s faith and morality; therefore, the question stands as to what a Christian can do about this demonic onslaught. My answer would be, “All that we can!” (I Timothy 6:12) We must stand up for the truths of God’s Word and shine “the light of the glorious Gospel” to those who sit in darkness! (II Timothy 1:10) Satan is a master at “blinding the eyes of them which believe not”. (II Corinthians 4:4) He has done this many ways in the past, but in the late 1800’s he found a pawn, named Charles Darwin, who was willing to be used to fashion the greatest and most destructive hoax the world has ever known, the hoax of Evolution.